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Rosetta Stone Portuguese Personal Level 1 Review

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PROS / Rosetta Stone Portuguese has voice recognition that cannot be beat.

CONS / This program lacks any grammar practice.

 VERDICT / Rosetta Stone Portuguese is one of the products you can buy to learn Portuguese. It's easy to use and great for anyone who wants a solid foundation in the basics.

Rosetta Stone is the name to know, and one of the first to come to mind when you think of learning a foreign language. Rosetta Stone Portuguese (Brazil) Level 1 is one of the most complete learn Portuguese software applications on the market. The approach this application takes immerses you into the language by associating pictures, phrases and ideas with the language you're learning. It is a simple tactic done very well, and it keeps language retention high. For this, Rosetta Stone is our TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award winner.

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Rosetta Stone Portuguese Level 1 is made up of 92 lessons that teach the foundations of language learning, including listening comprehension, reading, writing and speech recognition. This software also allows you to choose your own learning path based on where your strengths lie.

This application takes a different approach to learning and does not focus on a constant barrage of translations and memorization exercises. For this reason, Rosetta Stone lacks familiar tools like a dictionary, a word processing converter, a glossary or word and root search tools. It aims to teach visual Portuguese language learners through concepts and images rather than standard translation.


Rosetta Stone's approach in teaching Brazilian Portuguese has a sharp focus on the fundamentals and catering to different learning styles. Where it shines is speech recognition. You can record, playback, and compare your speech with a native speaker. The application is very accurate in grading speech and accent. Very few learn Portuguese programs have that quality in their playback.

The non-standard approach of Rosetta Stone's teaching technique means there's a lack of vocabulary drills, grammar lessons or conversation practice in the software. However, these elements are easy to find with the supplemental resources in Rosetta Stone's online community. The picture association Rosetta Stone uses as a teaching template works, but without a grammar framework, we found it a little difficult to piece the language together.

Teaching Tools

Rosetta Stone's primary teaching tool is to connect Portuguese words and phrases with pictures. You'll hear a word or description, and you pick the image that matches the statement you heard. There are thousands of pictures to choose from, all interesting and varied. The variety itself is useful in learning the language. For example, "mulher" means "woman" in Brazilian Portuguese, but the images may surprise you with a different woman's picture than the one you memorized when you first heard the word and definition. It throws you off at first, but it gives a better understanding of the word, rather than just seeing one standard "woman" image the entire time you learn the language.

Rosetta Stone Portuguese Level 1 is quite extensive. There are lesson lessons on identifying numbers, people, directions, types of clothing and telling time. Rosetta Stone lets you mix up the learning, as well. You can do exercises where you hear the Portuguese word and write the translation, or you can read the words before you choose a matching image. This repetition and variety will build your proficiency in writing, reading and speaking.

Rosetta Stone allows you to be part of their online community and seek help and additional information. For example, the software doesn't have a dictionary; it's a noticeable absence, but the community can help take the place of that resource. In this community, you can play games and chat in Portuguese with other language students. Online tutoring is also available, allowing for interaction with a native Portuguese-speaking tutor.



This learn Portuguese software is extremely easy to use and navigate. It is an application meant for novice Portuguese speakers, and Rosetta Stone has tailored this program to the casual learner. We found that the personalized learning paths were helpful when we were struggling in a certain area. The application will show you where your weaknesses are and allow you to revisit them to shore up your learning. Rosetta Stone also excels at progress tracking. It measures your advancement clearly and shows you the lessons you have completed. Another strength lies in its features for mobile devices. Mobile apps for a smartphone and audio files for MP3 players supplement the Brazilian Portuguese learning experience.


Help & Support

There is a great deal of backup and support for Rosetta Stone Portuguese Level 1. The user manual, tutorials and FAQs answer most of the basic questions about the software. Additionally, we got a response by email in a very timely fashion. However, phone support was more difficult. We found the help we needed, but it took time to get to the right source.



Rosetta Stone Portuguese Level 1 is a great Brazilian Portuguese program. It is very user-friendly, and we found it simple to navigate through the lessons, games, activities and tests. If you are looking for a traditional approach that includes grammar studies and a Portuguese dictionary, you won't find it here. Instead, Rosetta Stone Portuguese aims for image and audio retention, with writing and voice playback in the mix. For many language learners, this will prove to be an effective teaching strategy. Overall, Rosetta Stone is a great Portuguese learning program that teaches by association, concept and imagery. Rosetta Stone also has a great online community that gives you those resources to increase your conversational fluency and Portuguese-speaking skills.