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Learn Portuguese Software Review

Why Learn Portuguese From Software?

The world is getting smaller. Learning a foreign language is now commonplace. A growing number of people find a need to learn Portuguese for travel, work or simple communication. Portuguese is now the sixth most spoken language in the world and is the official language of several nations around the world, including Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, Brazil and several others. Numbering over 190 million, Brazilians make up over half of the Portuguese speakers worldwide. The software we reviewed focuses specifically on teaching the Brazilian form of the language.

Learning Portuguese from software gives you the same training you can receive in a classroom, but from the comfort of sitting in front of your personal computer.

Software that helps you learn Portuguese will give you the skills and the confidence to hold great conversations with native speakers. We have rated the software tailored for the beginner and for those looking to master the language. Be sure to check out the top three products: Portuguese Complete Edition, Rosetta Stone Portuguese, and Rocket Portuguese Premium. You'll also find more information in our articles on learn Portuguese software.

Learn Portuguese Software: What to Look For

Learning a new language comes with challenges, so you'll want to look for applications with teaching techniques that will make the learning process as easy as possible. Since every student learns differently, it is helpful if the program provides a variety of teaching tools. The best programs provide text instruction, conversation practice, references and amusing games. Many also offer downloadable audio files, videos and books. With daily study, both online and on the go, you can learn the language quickly. These Portuguese language programs are designed to teach you the basics in as little as one month.

Below are the criteria we used to evaluate the software.

The application should teach you how to read and write Portuguese through speech recognition, pronunciation, conversation practice and comparisons with the speech native speakers. With Portuguese learning software, you will generally begin the learning process with study of vocabulary and master it with repetition and word association. A few of the best programs offer a grammar guide. Learning grammar is essential to understanding sentence structure, verb conjugation and the placement of adjectives and adverbs.

Teaching Tools
Look for a variety of teaching tools that cater to different learning styles. For example, visual learners will benefit from videos and images and audio learners will benefit from audio files of correct pronunciation. Learn Portuguese software should offer tools to help you pronounce and study the language, including a glossary, dictionary, word processing converter and word and root searches. Learning games, such as crossword puzzles, unscramble games and diction games make acquiring a second language fun.

When you're looking for Portuguese language software, take into account your starting level. Many programs focus on teaching beginning learners of Portuguese, while others also include features for advanced learners. Look specifically at the amount of Portuguese words the software has available for you to learn. Additionally, the best learn Portuguese programs score and track your progress and give you personalized goals.

Ease of use is another aspect to consider. Learning a new language can be hard enough without compounding the challenge with software that is difficult to use. Some software also features mobile device compatibility so you can learn Portuguese on the go.

Help & Support
Help files within the language learning software should be well written and easy to locate. The application should also offer tutorials to explain difficult exercises. The software manufacturer should provide telephone and online contact information for technical support.

Even if you only visit Brazil once, using software to learn Portuguese will prove beneficial. The programs range in their instructions and results. Some focus on knowing basic vocabulary, and others help you learn conversational Portuguese. It's important to find the best product that fits your needs and learning style. Read our comprehensive reviews to make an informed decision about what software will best help you learn how to speak Portuguese.

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